The Melancholy Music Of Nier: Automata’s Apocalypse

The stop of the globe is listed here, and I hardly ever imagined it’d audio so wonderful.

Nier: Automata was just one of the most intriguing video games of 2017. With machines battling androids over stakes grander than either could consider, I was riveted by the tale and its figures. The audio accompanying the journey was chic, but also echoed the sorrow that permeated the ruins of a fallen civilization. Composed by Keiichi Okabe and the Monaca workforce, just about every just one of the tracks was hauntingly unforgettable.

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Warning, there are spoilers.

Rays of Gentle

Many of the items are like a hymnal, beckoning to a tragic earlier. What would audio audio like in a globe devoid of human beings? Angelic, in accordance to Automata. One particular of my beloved items is in the Metropolis Ruins known as “Rays of Gentle,” commencing as a lone piano before the voice breaks in. Navigating the abandoned properties of the city feels desolate and even coming across the wandering machines does not provide considerably solace. The decrepitude would have been outright depressing if not for the elegance of this song. It’s as though it represents the suppressed yearning in 2B and 9S for further meaning as they aid the Council of Humanity in their darkish result in. The voice feels like a chorus in the qualifications, lamenting the futile struggle that is leading to so considerably destruction and suffering. It’s a reminder that humanity’s legacy of bloodshed proceeds by proxy through the androids and does not appear like it will stop any time soon.

Fortress of Lies

The Bunker seems like house, but as the title of the song betrays, it’s a Fortress of Lies. The audio is softer in standard, like the mild reverberations in the vacuum of space. You are secure listed here from the onslaught of machines down below and discover convenience in the calming observe. One particular of the most shocking revelations in the initially playthrough is that the aliens who pressured humanity from the earth have been really exterminated by the machines. That seems to indicate humanity can return from the Moon and that the android’s goal is shut to completion. But by the stop of the 2nd ending, 9S learns that humanity went extinct extensive back and YorHa’s true mission is to propagate that deception to give the androids a false function. The war with the machines is primarily based on a awful lie. This will make the audio even additional poignant. Whilst before, it was the source of solace, now, it feels like whispers warning you about that deception and deploring it as they’re all helpless to improve it.


I wrote before about how tragic the sidequests from the Machine Village have been. The audio in the village seems like a group of kids singing and is pretty lovable. It also marks the stark contrast of the hazards of the outside globe with these peace-loving machines wielding their white flags. I nonetheless get frustrated contemplating about their eventual fate, specifically the equipment young children. A virus infects all of them so they stop up cannibalizing just about every other and destroying every thing they keep pricey. Pascal, the chief of the village, escapes with the young children. When they’re attacked by a substantial army of machines, A2 fights facet by facet with Pascal to protect them. But it’s pointless. In the time they have been absent, the equipment young children, seized by sheer terror of thinking about what awaited, fully commited suicide. Nier: Automata is actually cruel to its figures, equipment, human, and android alike.

A Lovely Song

Machine romances can be weird. Specially the unrequited kind. The goliath class equipment, Simone, is obsessed with elegance and addresses her overall body with the corpses of androids as though they have been jewels. It’s a warped self-importance built apparent by her terms and her operatic outfits: “Look at me. Oh remember to appear at me. I want your eyes to appear upon me by itself. Have I not grow to be wonderful?” Simone’s motivation to understand enjoy led to her associating elegance with the thought as “I nonetheless never understand what it usually means to enjoy an individual…”

Simone had heard a rumor that to “devour the overall body of an android” would enable her to “gain eternal elegance.” She’s cannibalizing androids in her search for enjoy. The audio represents that corrupted enthusiasm as she discovered how to sing, believing audio “can make an individual have emotions for you… So I practiced just about every day. But he nonetheless will not appear my way. I ate additional androids. I even ate equipment lifeforms.” Communicate about twisted appetites.

Retro Variations of the Music

One particular of my beloved components of the activity is the truth that there is retro versions of all of the tracks when you enter 9S’s hacking mode. It’s a throwback to the 8-little bit era and beautifully encapsulates the retro gameplay of the hacking activity. It’s also just a blast listening to these lovely melodies in simplistic tunes that’d really feel house on a NES.

There is a idea about a musical protolanguage that posits the language commenced with animal tracks symbolizing fundamental ideas like demanding a rival or expressing a motivation for courtship. New music is kind of the base collective plan wherever our articulation springs from. In the exact same way, retromusic is a callback to the before days of gaming, and the way these tracks blend the boundaries involving the modern-day and the old is delightful. The tale behind how they have been composed is fairly neat as nicely.

From the Nier Automata Are living Concert and is awesome (by DragonstarDT)

Many of the other tracks are equally powerful, like the desert manager audio This Cannot Continue, and the wonderful rhythms of Wretched Weaponry. Each aspect of the activity will get that exclusive enjoy and even the closing credits in the legitimate ending get turned into a taking pictures sequence that is as symbolic, in the destruction of the human workforce, as it is pleasurable.

The ideal video games merge awesome gameplay, tale, and audio. Nier: Automata excels on all fronts and creates an working experience that the two feels and seems uniquely automata.

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