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So, the title will not lie, Mirkowanie is not a regular game, it really is, hm, I will not know, a single working day I could not rest at 4AM, I wished to make a some outrageous game, and I appear into concept, of producing game about… Web-site, indeed.

how to have two of the same apps android

My game is about polish web site “Wykot”, it really is one thing like Reddit (but significantly less smart, can destruction your mind, a lot more fun). It truly is just certain position with a distinctive local community, just people today generate on it information + share information.

So what we can do in “Mirkowanie”?:

  • Delete account (Prestige, but it only reset store updates, all the things else remain).
  • Obtain updates.
  • Do risiky steps (xx% chance to earn 2x awareness, xx% chance to reduce all)
  • Analyze (funny texts)
  • Get different selections (let us say, there is dilemma and indeed/no, and 1 from 20 factors can come about :-}).
  • Gather different medals, lenny faces
  • And most significant, game is itself is entire parody, parody for polish online/Wykot web site and other factors.
  • And a good deal a lot more :-}

So I was establishing this game, for the reason that I wished to have local community do one thing fun + also game obtained instruction objective. I am 19, i risk gamedev as a interest, game will not obtained IAP, obtained created with $ spending budget 🙁


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