App Cloner Apk Pro | 1.4.7 & 1.4.8 premium Apk

App Cloner Makes Using Multiple Copies of Existing Apps Easier

Ever had the need to sign in to another WhatsApp account as you had two mobile numbers? May be you require multiple Skype logins because you need a business login as well as a personal one. Everything is now possible with the wonderful application i.e. App Cloner. Using App Cloner, you can create and install multiple copies of your already existing applications. The app cloner full version APK can be downloaded using Google Play or online. If you use Google Play, the regular app cloner is free, but the full version is paid.

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App cloner 1.4.9 premium apk

Regular App Cloner Features:

Here are features of free app cloner:

The regular version of app cloner allows you to run cloned apps in parallel and independent of each other as well as the original application. These clone applications won’t be getting any automatic updates. Therefore, you would have to manually do the updates using app cloner. No matter what the application is, you can clone it using app cloner. App cloning is useful for multiple logins in social media, but you can have even more fun by messing around with the application.

App cloner 1.4.7 premium apk


App Cloner allows you to mod the application as well. You can tweak and make your very own Facebook style. App names can be changed and app icons can be changed. Permissions can be removed or you can allow the cloned application to be installed on an external SD card. All this can be done using app cloner.

Some other mods that you can do using app cloner are:

  1. Disable Auto-Start feature from some applications
  2. Remove application backups to free up storage space
  3. Remove all the application defaults that you find intrusive
  4. Convert your application into a floating window application
  5. Extend functionality with Password Protection of application
  6. Add an option of incognito mode in the application
  7. Hide the ID of your Android phone or spoof your Network IP to different locations
  8. Force application to consume data over Wi-Fi only

App Cloner makers keep adding brand new features and all are available in the app cloner full version apk as well.

App Cloner Full Version APK Features:

Here are some features that only the full version has:

  1. Clone WhatsApp, Gmail and Messenger.
  2. Create multiple clones of the same application i.e. batch cloning.
  3. Share and save all the application apks.
  4. Replace the icons of the default launcher of android.
  5. Android Watch applications and faces can also be cloned in full version.
  6. Free form windows are also available in full version.
  7. Toolbar, navigation and status color modification.
  8. Rotation lock changer
  9. Display size, font size, font, language and various other modifications to the application.
  10. Immersive mode of the screen.
  11. Multi-Window support.
  12. Privacy Options include removing app permissions, spoofing locations, changing IMEI, Wi-Fi MAC, etc., prevent application screenshots, prevent recent appearance of application.
  13. Storage options include sandbox external storage, clearing cache on exit.
  14. Networking features include disabling of mobile data usage, networking in background and SOCKS proxy.
  15. Notification options include filter, silence notification.
  16. Some automation options are also included like setting brightness, muting on start, DND, Bluetooth, integration with task manager, etc.

App Cloner Full Version APK download:

This handy application is available on Google Play, but the full version will cost you some money. If you don’t want the latest up-to-date version of the application all the time, you can download app cloner full version APK from the web as well. Just search for this online and you may find the complete APK. Remember to allow installation from unknown sources before installing App Cloner.

App cloner mod apk

App Cloner 1.2.1 APK for Android Full Version

Although App Cloner is really fun and can clone all your favorite applications, there are still some applications that are incompatible with it and cannot be cloned. These applications depend upon the app certificate, which cannot be cloned. In case an app can’t be cloned, just drop a request and the developer might add a feature for these to be cloned as well.

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